by Ruby Black


From page one there was a vibe about this book that was sort of different and initially I didn’t think I could put my finger on what it was, but as I read on I got it, it was Lacey, she struck a chord with me and her journey mattered.

Lucas was more complicated than I thought he was going to be, yes he never had an issue with the ladies, inside he was struggling to handle the fact that his heart had been broken. And while he had everything right going for him on the outside, inside he had such an old soul and that I found myself being completely absorbed by him.

But it was Lacey that owned me, she had a determination that never faltered. I liked the fact that they had been friends for a long time and I also liked the fact that no matter the time they had known each other but there were elements of their lives that neither of them was an open book.

I found the story really engaging, I was reluctant to actually put the book down. I found the way that the author brought each character to life was completely realistic.

Both of them had issues that really pulled at my heart strings, I completely loved Lucas and of the two he made me more emotional, the pain he felt was tangible but I want Lacey as a friend, she was someone I wanted to keep around for a lot longer.

Topic: Conflicted by Ruby Black

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