Captive Season 1

by Jillian Dodd


I have to admit that the existence of this series had completely passed me by until now and that is a shame because having just whipped through everything released to date, I have to say that this is one that I will be following from now on.

The setup is refreshing and the writing is very, very good.

This is effectively a television series laid out in print. Each episode clipping along at a break neck speed, just as it would if it were on the small screen.

In a way it is a continuation of sorts of the uber popular Keatyn Chronicles, even though it is set years after the series ended.

But the whole gang from that series are back as big and bold as ever. It centres on Captive Films and those that are portraying and producing the works.

The stories are eclectic and cover all manner of topics, they completely submerge you in a world of drama, deceit, sex, love, hope and sorrow.

Riley is the boss at captive films and his brother Dawson comes on board after taking time to gather himself after the death of his wife – although I have to say I could have given him a damn good shake at times just to get him to buck his ideas up – he seemed to like to wallow somewhat.

I found the mixture of characters kept the story interesting as it was difficult at times to pinpoint where exactly the next drama was going to take hold but it was certain that drama was always going to be at eth heart of all their craziness.

Like any good drama, it leaves you questioning what the heck you have just read and when can you get the next instalment – luckily for me I am straight on to Season 2.