Life Next Door by JD Hollyfield

Well this is one book definitely guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Picking up the pieces of what can only be described as the car crash of her life, Priscilla Westcott is bruised and battered by the fact that her ex-husband has not only moved on but moved in with her ex neighbour. But determined to get on with life, she hitches up her happiness and strikes out.

I was in stitches when wine loving CeCe (Priscilla) set about putting her world to rights. Strike one for the much maligned!!

Trent Walker sets her all a fluster when he moves in next door, and with his royal sexgod, smouldering away over the garden fence, CeCe is at sixes and sevens and this in turn leads her to be at her hilarious best.

Trent could play CeCe like a fiddle and the conversations between the pair of them were just so funny at time, they really did have it all. Trent used his wit and charm and his not so thinly veiled sarcasm at times to wheedle his way not only under CeCe’s skin but right into her heart.

The pair of them are fairly straight forward but there is some under lying tension to be had, well nothing is ever straight forward.

But can they overcome their issues, find their middle ground and carve out a happy ever after, well what do you think?

Writing humour is not easy, it takes cunning wit and a sharp sense of timing but JD Hollyfield made me laugh so much that I think I may just have found a new favourite author.

This is a book to be enjoyed with a glass of wine and a smile not only on your face but in your heart, because if you don’t have one before you start the book, I can guarantee that you will finish it with the biggest smile plastered all over your face.