Fevered Hearts by EM Petrova


Not always the easiest of subjects to get my head around. I found the start of this book difficult to cope with in some respects. I felt so sorry for Liam, in fact I don’t think that is an adequate enough description – I was gutted for him. Life had been cruel to him and his tragic accident while at work has done him untold harm physically, emotionally and physiologically. I cried for the fact that he was dealt such a crappy hand.

Ivy his devoted wife blew my mind, she was his soulmate in every respect – their lives changed beyond anything they could have possibly imagined but her love for her husband was as strong as it ever had been and she had my utmost admiration.

Liam, oh god- I shed so many tears, I was wrung out. This imposingly dominant man was just glorious and although he was struggling to come to terms with the life post-accident and the fact that in his opinion it meant that he wasn’t the man that Ivy needed anymore.

But then I had Ward to contend with and my god, words ……I have none he is just epic!

Liam and Ward have a history that will knock your socks off when you read it and salute the author for her ability dish up what I can only describe as a trio of super characters.

The three of them are electrifying together but they have a goal that they are working towards and when Liam starts to regain his physical abilities and deals with his physiological issue resulting from the accident, I was in tears yet again!

Told you cried so much!!!

Like others have indicated, this books touches upon some pretty intense subjects and should be viewed and not a dark but an intense storyline.

I have to say that this author attention to details is exceptional, she is to be commended for the detail and devotion that she has poured into each and every page.