Mad About You by Kate Perry



Mad about You by Kate Perry

Book 9 in the Laurel Heights Series and another swift, yet sweet romance from Ms Perry

The book gallops along at a pace and to be honest I think that is what got me going about it – I missed the detail. I’ve read every book in this series and while this one was different in that it covered two stories at the same time – it didn’t give me the depth of character that I was looking for and used to getting in this series.

The book in total the epitome of a whirlwind romance or in this case two!

First we get Julie and Scott or more precisely Julie Miller and Prescott Carrington-Wright III. Not that she has any idea who he is. Laurel Heights florist Julie has her eyes firmly on the prize and Scott is most definitely not it – she wants to will the San Francisco Flower Show and to finally end the reign of her arch nemesis – but will she see in time that the prize she really needs is the handsome billionaire that is absolutely besotted by her. Everything isn’t plain sailing but when his mother eventually catches on to the fact that there is something going on between him and Julie – she takes matters into her own hands and despite her standing all she wants is for her son to be happy and if that is with Julie she will do her utmost to make that happen.

The second story winding its way through the book is that of Bull (Ethan’s friend) and Josephine – the Art expert he met in the previous novel while at the wedding reception. Now while I am not professing to understand the working of the male mind – where on earth did he think it was a great idea to send a woman that he doesn’t know a corset as a gift – I mean I would have throttled him if it were me. She tries to keep her distance – making sure he is well aware that she is not interested but after he shows up at her work with a bow round his neck waiting for her to unwrap him – I would have run a mile or had him arrested – it may on the surface appear sweet but honestly – is he mad!!

The whole situation was just plain wrong to me – Bull deserves a better story – he deserves someone that is prepared to work as hard for him as he would be for her and to that end – I felt really sorry for him as a character.

As with the other novels – the Laurel Heights Series are out and out love stories and with Julie and Scott theirs is a love at first sight scenario and while the book or story may not be to everyone’s taste it is a very pleasant way to escape on a rainy afternoon

Love the Series will continue to read it but unfortunately this was not my favourite so far

Rating 3 out of 5