A Little Faith by Emma James


This book is one of those stories that takes great pleasure in sinking its claws in nice and early and never letting go.

The book and the story it depicts is completely fascinating.

Centred on a group of guys and the one woman that is central to their world, the story gives us insight into their lives and loves following the impact of a tragedy felt by the whole group.

We see that much like real life, we are all products of the event we experience in our lives and it is those experiences that shapes them and much of their friendship, it has forced them to re-evaluate the bonds between them, the dynamics of the group, it strengthens their resolve together but all the while slightly masking the fact that not everything is peachy!

The inferences and intimations made make me feel that each of these guys has a lot to give... and I can’t wait to hear the full story from each and every one of them.

The book itself is told from a number of points of view a writing style that I really enjoy, it adds realism and keeps you attentive.

Each of the guys, was exactly who I would have written if I had been tasked to write the story myself, they held their pain openly and yet retained the real crux of the issue within them, they were all good at showing just enough – enough to silence the critics and questioners but not enough to raise even more questions, they each handled it all in a different way and that was fascinating to read. This gave the story the realism it deserved after all what man wears his whole heart on his sleeve. Because if he does indeed exist he is a very rare breed and I would like to meet him!

This is ultimately a story of friendship, loss and learning to heal. And with Faith in the driving seat she is determined to be the woman to break down their walls...  Faith is pivotal to the group, she is the glue that holds them firm, and more importantly the catalyst to their recovery. Loved Her!!

The way the author binds these guys together and makes them and their lives completely realistic is a stroke of genius, the fact their lives are laid bare was refreshing – they exhibit all the traits that you would expect to hear from a group of men that have been touched by something so tragic. They are humorous, gregarious and each has an inner strength that when multiplied throughout the group takes them to a whole new ball park.

Great debut novel and I am really looking forward to book two later in the year.