Hold Me

by Faith Starr

This took me a while to get around to but darn more fool me for missing out on what is a great story.

It’s been longer than it should since I sunk my teeth into a good old angsty musicians’ story, so delving into life with Joey was a leap of faith and darn it the guy didn’t let me down.

Stream’s front man was everything I wanted from what was the quintessential tortured front man, relationships are so far off the agenda that he was totally oblivious to the possibility but that just meant that he was all the more vulnerable to the swipe of love when it headed his way and it is safe to say that when he meets Teva, he hadn’t a clue what had happened. He was totally caught napping by this beautifully serious, professional nurse. Her life was so complicated, as she battled to work and study that the fact that someone like Joey was interested in her was of no consequence.

Mind you he didn’t exactly do his cause any favours with his initial behaviour, on one hand I was peeved that he thought that he could treat her so poorly and still expect her to give him the time of day but on the other hand I sort of got why he was the way he was, I’m not condoning his behaviour but Teva could have done herself more of a favour by not forgiving him quite so easily.

There was a really push me pull me aspect to the story, one that as a reader was almost impossible to reconcile, one minute I was ok and happy with the pair of them and then the next I was quietly ( or not so in some cases) curing the pair of them.

With a fabulous cast of secondary characters, this had it all. It was full to the brim with angst and attitude, enough twist and turns to keep it fabulously entertaining and just the right amount of humour to mean that I couldn’t help but chuckle at some of the antic.

A great read, it will have you thoroughly hooked.

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