Even Money

by Alessandra Torre

In true Alexandra Torre style, this took the moody and mysterious and gave it room to not just breath but flex its sizable muscles…and the result was sensational.
Even Money is everything I never knew I needed so far and I am delighted to have not just finished it but to be counting down the days until the next book is released.
Set in Vegas, the story is that of Bell, a waitress at one of the city casino’s when she isn’t at college or finding herself knee deep in all sorts of shady goings on that she has no idea how to deal with. She may think she is street savvy but falling for the charms of the sophisticated, suited  Dario Capece may not be the smartest move she’s ever likely to make because if there is something untoward or underhand going on the married Mr Capece is very much up to his neck in it!
Packed from first to the last page with more twists and turns than you could possibly shake a stick at or even begin to comprehend, this was dangerous, dark and totally delicious.
I found the dynamic between Bella and Dario was scintillating, they set the page alight with both passion and presence. Oh and if you think you get away without a cliffhanger of an ending…think again because this one will knock you on your a**.

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