You and Me by Veronica Larsen

This was as super sexy little sucker, it drew me in and damn well kept me there!

What I especially liked was the humour that permeated the whole way through the story, it brought the page to life, smiling and smouldering as it went on its merry way.

The author drew seriously captivating pictures with her words, of not only the characters but the wonderfully eclectic world that they lived in. The chatter between them was enough to lift even the dullest of spirits on a crappy day, their humour was infectious.

I think the characters could have warranted a longer book but I don’t dismiss the fact that author was able to impart so much into the two of them that in just a few short pages they almost felt like family.

I liked the secondary characters, especially Delilah and I hope that I get the opportunity to hear her story.

A bite size chunk of brilliance.

Topic: You and Me by Veronica Larsen

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