Lovegame by Tracy Wolff

A devilishly detailed book that was packed with drama and emotion. I found myself reeling on more than one occasion from the intensity of the story line, oh and this is one story that you need to ensure you pay close attention to it is has a lot going on.
I thought the book sat comfortably in the romantic thriller category but wasn't surprised that the author was more than willing to spice it up along the way.
I thought the characters were fabulously developed, they were diverse yet easy to relate too. The drama that unfurled throughout the story meant there was more than one occasion where i was either reaching for the edge of my seat or the box of tissues.
I loved the way the story ebbed and flowed and that the author was able to draw every last ounce of emotion from not only the characters but me too. I was doubtful that the ending was going to be what my heart was holding out for but was relieved that by the author placed the last full stop, I had what I was hanging out for, a beautiful ending.
The author worked magic with this, it was clever, complicated and very creative and hands down a read that I will be revisiting again soon.

Topic: Lovegame by Tracy Wolff

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