Forged in Fire

by Maggie Adams


There is a very fine line between love and hate and if you don’t believe me just read this book, because to all intents and purpose Lucky and Renee are on the hate side of the fence…they really don’t get on or so it would appear.

But when Lucky’s luck runs out it is the one person he never thought he would ever have on his side that is hired to help him. Being accused of murder is a sobering occasion and facing the uncertainty of that accusation is a lot to deal with but his parents are not prepared to leave anything to chance and hire Renee – a private investigator to prove that the accusation is unfounded.

Now I wasn’t initially sure why she would have taken the case, knowing who the client was and how she felt about him but she was honest and she knew in her heart that he couldn’t possibly be guilty of what they were implying and because of that she set about finding out not only why he was being made the scapegoat for this but more importantly who was behind it.

They’re as pig headed as each other but then again I suppose they both have a lot on their plates but they were really determined to ignore the fact that what they’re feeling towards each other is not what they had anticipated.

I got that Renee was keeping a professional distance but Lucky well his reasons were a lot closer to home and his pain was personally inflicted by an ex-wife that left an indelible mark on his soul. She left him empty and wrecked…something he isn’t sure he will ever recover from, so keeping a distance from Renee is self-preservation more than anything.

The chatter and banter between the two of them is fabulous, she is so strong that when he does try to flex his alpha muscle, she is ready to shoot him down in flames. Honestly they will have you in stitches the connection is so enticing but they fight it for so long, I was itching to grab them and tell them to get on with it!

Topic: Forged in Fire by Maggie Adams

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