Fractured Volume Three by Alexis Noelle

Right, let me start this by saying that while I am normally fairly precise with my reviews, I am not going to do that with his book because you don’t really need me to tell what the story is about – YOU NEED TO READ IT FOR YOURSELF !!!!

We pick straight up from the end of book two and we catch up with Shay as she contemplates the events that have her head spinning.

She has decisions to make on which direction she will go but it is far from easy. The author managed to leave my head and heart conflicted. And much like Shay I was completely torn about what she should do for the best.

The whole book was an emotional ride that in the end I was both reluctant yet relieved to get off. It was so intense that it left me blindsided to some extent.
So when the book finished I was left shaking my head trying to decipher what the hell just happened?

This is a fabulous series that you cannot afford to miss