Fly by Molly McLain

Ready to take the world of motocross by storm, Colton Wade has the world at his fingertips but the one thing that is just out of reach is his best friend Taylor.

Being catapulted into the heady world of superstardom has Colton living a dream that many would lust after but leaving his best friend behind was not any easy task, he misses her…and that hurt isn’t exactly being helped by the demands his career have foisted upon him.

Childhood devotees this pair have always been inseparable until his big shot arrived and he left town, but he never really completely left because all the time Taylor was there, his heart was too. They had fought their feelings for so long that even though they were still official in the friend zone, it was so much more than that.

I wanted to know that when push came to shove Colton would know which side of the fence to come down on, whether his career really came before Taylor but was it as easy as that?

Driven by a desire to be a better man, everything he did, was to prove ( even if it was to himself) that he could be the sort of man that was worthy of a woman like Taylor.

But when his resolve is tested, I hurt for them both.

Being the first book in the series, I understood that the author was keen to build the tension and to give as much depth to the characters as she could but there were a coupel of times where I just wanted Colton to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to almost kick his own a$$ because I could and would have done it for him if I had the opportunity.

His asinine request to Taylor had the hairs on the back of my neck rising…really man what were you thinking!

The pair of them show signs of naivety but that is tempered by charm, wit and the ease of a friendship that is hard earned and powerful. But when emotions are left unchecked and demands are unattainable, unfettered desire leads to uncontainable jealousy and when the final straw arrives, they face a situation that neither of them want to be in and moreover neither of them are equipped to deep with…emotionally they are in no man’s land and have nothing to hold on to, this has potential devastation screaming from every page!

I liked the characters, I liked the angst, I didn’t like all of the secondary characters but then again much like life you can’t have everything you want and I found that pleasing that the author had actually given me someone I could so readily detest!

Colton and Taylor have a long ways to go, their journey is far from easy but as I pitched my heart and soul over the cliff hanger at the end of the story, I was left with a couple of thought hurtling through my brain…

  1. Colton WTF?
  2. When is the next book?

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