Interference by Mignon Mykel

4.5 Stars
More than your average sports romance, Interference was just what I needed on a lazy Sunday afternoon, time to indulge and let the characters take over.
The story is about Sidney and Caleb and the trials and tribulations they face to be together.
Sidney is tasked with getting hockey superstar Caleb to join a reality dating show and that isn’t exactly easy when she has no idea who he is but once they clap eyes on each other the issue gets a whole lot more complicated because the two of them are instantly interested…not in the show…no, in each other.
Seeing an opportunity that he just isn’t willing to turn down, Caleb sticks his own proviso onto his off season participation…Sidney. Caleb insists that she has to spend the time before the contestants arrive on the cruise ship he will be staying on.
This is a man on a mission, one week to win the girl or she could slip through his fingers forever.
For a debut novel, the author should be commended because this was first class work, the characters were super, their dialogue was realistic and the scenario while set in a realm that I am not overtly sure I will ever be comfortable with, it is one that I am vaguely willing to admit that I find intriguing, after all who hasn’t seen a reality TV show…the author tapped into a modern day phenomenon and kicked its butt.
It is impossible not to love Caleb, he was a great guy, not at all what you would expect from a sexy superstar. Sidney on the other hand too a little warming too, she was a solid but there were a couple of occasions where I found her doubts and almost self-deprecation a little irritating. Heck she would have to have been blind not to see that he was potty about her.
I was whooping as Caleb got down to his task, one week to show this girl that he means what he says and that he wants her, not one of the contestants, not someone that he described to her …Her!

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