Man Candy

by Lila Monroe

If I had to sum this up in just a few words… I would have to say that it is stuffed full of all the good things that a reader could possibly want!

A humorous read that plays to more than just romance. It has a fantastic mystery burrowed deep through each chapter, I loved that this was able to hold my attention and keep me guessing for the most part.

Alice and Nick were at first glance opposites but when you get down to their real characters, there was a side of each of them that was totally complimentary and that brought them to life for me, I liked that I had to think not only about what was happening on the page but what could potentially be going on behind the scenes.

I like that this was engaging, that the plot was creative, and the pace was encouraging. Told from dual points of view it was easy to become immersed, almost obsessive about who was at the heart of the mystery and I must admit that I didn’t get it, so the end was a total surprise to me…that doesn’t happen very often, so well played Ms Monroe.


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