Hearts Insanity by Ellie Masters

I thought I knew where this was headed but I will hold my hands up and admit that I was mistaken.

The author took a well walked path and flipped it on its head. She gave her characters a storyline that they could definitely get their teeth stuck into and as a reader I have to say that on more than one occasion I didn’t see the kicks the author added to the story coming.

Skye had a childhood that was so painful, so hurtful and so traumatic that I had to take a deep breath while I was reading it, time to actually absorb what she was going through and to accept that this young woman was going to face a lifetime trying to overcome the trauma, Victim of her foster fathers warped and twisted mind, I felt so sad for her, she deserved so much better.

I couldn’t get my head around how she would ever be able to move on, but I admired the fact that she tried, that she wasn’t willing to be defined by her past and was delighted that she was able to forge her own path, to find a man that she was willing to trust and a relationship she was willing to commit too.

This strong woman could have anyone she wanted but it seemed as if those she wanted didn’t feel like they had to treat her with the respect she deserved. What other excuse is there for the fact that her brand-new fiancé thought that he could not only cheat on her but then have the cheek to imply his infidelity was her fault…oh ladies I have a whole dictionary of expletives lined up for his sorry a$$ !!!

Turning her back on yet another painful chapter in her life, she heads to the one place she knows she is truly appreciated…the hospital. And it is while she is en-route that she encounters someone who will play a major part in her future and this time it is for all the right reasons.

Hanging out in the coffee shop with his friends, Ash was blown away when this beautiful woman not only entered the shop but practically blanked him, he was fascinated that she had no idea that who he was, you see he was a major rock star but that means nothing to the Skye.

Finding the whole run in at the coffee shop a little strange, Skye couldn’t get out of there fast enough but did she leave alone or was there encounter just beginning?

Silly as it might seem but Ash is sick of the rock star lifestyle, sick of the hangers on and the gold diggers, so the cold shoulder from Skye had his interest piqued. As far as he was concerned, he was willing to do anything he had to too get his girl.

Ash had the sort of childhood that Skye could have only ever imagined, his parents were wonderful and emotionally he never wanted for anything…that is what he wants, he is looking of the woman that will see him for who he is in his soul, not what he has in the bank or the fame that his career foists upon him, he is a man of fairly simple needs and as far as he can see …. he needs Skye.

The romance that evolved between the two of them was beautiful, he was the perfect man for her, she was the focus of all of his time and attention and he was so generous with both that she was always going to find him impossible to resist…woohoo!!!

A fantastic twist on the traditional and will worn rock star romance, beautifully written this is a very smart read that I really enjoyed.

Topic: Hearts Insanity by Ellie Masters

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