Legacy Found

by Jillian David

I’m not normally a reader of paranormal stories but I love a cowboy, so this was a read that just had to be done!

Kerr is injured in service and upon leaving the military heads back to Hell's Valley.

He was hoping to come to terms with the life that he not only has now but also to work on what he wants from life in the future but as you can imagine life is what happens when you are trying to work things out, or at least for Kerr it is because it was clear that as much as he may not have a fullon plan for what he wants worked out…but he has set firm on one decision and that is that he wants more from one very special lady and that is the beautiful Izzy Brand.

I liked Kerr, he was a great guy but primarily I was blown away by the fact that the author was willing to show such a strong man and all his suffering, not just the physical trauma but also the toll that his situation had taken on his mental health , the demon of PTSD was handled sensitively but with authority.

I liked Izzy and Kerr, I loved the way they were when they were together, there was enough spice to keep it interesting, but it wasn’t overplayed. When Izzy oversteps the family boundaries and lets Kerr’s family know what her brothers are up to, all bets are off, and the feud seems to have taken a new path.

What would those actions mean for Kerr and Izzy? And when the consequences become apparent, Kerr is faced with the dilemma of how to keep his woman safe? The options are not easy, he has to fight his own fears and use the powers that he would rather keep under wraps to protect her because living without her doesn’t bear contemplation.

The paranormal aspect of the story was well written and as someone who isn’t normally found in the genre, I found it actually quite entertaining although I must admit there were aspects of the story that had me scratching my head!

Topic: Legacy Found by Jillian David

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