Wingman(woman) by Bella Jewel

Wingman(Woman) by Bella Jewel


Nothing is normal about the situation in this book.

We find smoking hot Reign Braxton nursing a broken heart and trying desperately trying to fuck his way through the female population in order to try and forget the pain caused by discovering that his now ex-fiancé had slept with his PA, but since his intension is eventually to make her realise what she is missing and to win her back – to me, the whole scenario is completely screwed.

Enter Tia, who initially I found intriguing, I mean helping a sizzling hot guy to get laid – isn’t exactly where you would look for the female of the species but then again I suppose Tia isn’t your run of the mill wingman.

Life changes for Tia after a visit to the local club in a bid to find herself a man for the night, not only did she find him, she gave him away! Meeting Reign was probably the best and worst thing that could have happened to her, because after that one night, Reign hires her to help him in his attempt to win back his ex  Selena, although I prefer Tia’s name for her Slutena!

Nothing but unhappiness was on the cards when that was the plan.

Reign seemed like a nice enough guy if a little weak willed which surprised me being that he was a powerful businessman, who mixed in the highest of society. Selena had really done and number on him but his heart was holding out for what he had with her – it really was a case of better the devil you know.

Tia on the other hand had so much going for her and I really warmed to her initially because god what a mouth on her, she gave as good as she got and had a complete disregard for the social niceties of life. She honestly was to be admired – what I didn’t like was the way she shied away from the obvious when Selena was on the scene.

I got that her friendship with Reign was important to her but she went from powerhouse to doormat and that was not an attractive quality!

Although she redeemed herself when she saw the situation for what it was stepped aside. Not wanting to accept that Reign would chose her out of obligation but needing him to choose her because of love and she did love him – she just needed him to feel the same way.

Reign’s dilemma between Tia and Selena was a non-issue in my mind but I did like the fact that he was honest with Tia and never tried to hide from her – he truly valued their friendship but was so caught up with previous events to accept that what he had was more than he could have hoped for. The way their relationship evolved was slow and silent but they soon realise that they can’t out run it – they had feelings for each other that had to be addressed.

The section where Reign questions Selena and reaches his decision about what he wants made me smile – it was so easy and simple and completely honest – understanding and being able to explain why you love someone should not require thinking about – it should be as instinctive as breathing and that is what he had with Tia – someone who loved him for the right reasons.

I have to admit that I love Bella’s work and this is no different but it is for a different reason – I loved this because while the situation was a little screwy the events and circumstances made me smile – I loved the dynamic of the Reign and Tia, it was fabulous and Tia was refreshing in her demeanour and Reign was alpha(ish) but a bit of a softy. I could have punched Selena though but a good book always need a good baddie!

A sound, laugh out loud, funny read – with a moral undertone that was sufficient enough to get across the message that you reap what you sow- jog on Selena!