New Beginnings by Amie Saskatchewan

This hit the ground running and it never looked back, and what it might lack in page numbers it certainly makes up for in content.

I am normally not a huge fan of little books, I get hooked in just to find, as soon as I have hit my stride it’s over but I knew I had two more books in this series to follow straight on with so I think I was able to relax into the story rather than concerning myself with whether I was going to find characters I would love and have to say goodbye to, far too soon.

So getting that out of my head I was able to enjoy the story and believe me these few pages contain a really great story.

Cal and Ashleigh have a marriage that is in the doldrums, it hasn’t taken its final breath, they really do love each other they just seem to have fallen into an abyss of apathy and when Ashleigh happens upon an invitation to a cabin in the middle of the woods and I suppose without giving it too much thought they leapt at the chance, they thought of nothing other than the fact that this was the chance they needed, a chance to spend some time together, an opportunity to indulge each other with a little love and devotion….fabulous!

A little time, just them …or so they think because almost as soon as they arrive they meet Matthew and Bella.

Their thought that the stay might have stirred the flames that were slowly starting to almost peter out in the relationship was so far off the mark, it might have well been on a different planet because after a fantastic evening in each other’s company, a few too many drinks and a few too many secrets shared, suddenly the steps they take next would have them on a path that they might just never look back from.

The actions and acts that take place after that point pushed their boundaries but it also opened their eyes, it almost freed them to express who and what they really were and the longings that they had held inside for too long.

They tested their limits, they feasted on each other and by the end of the trip they are knee deep in the world of BDSM and you will be too!

The author gave fair warning about the material content of the book, you would be well placed to heed that warning.



Topic: New Beginnings by Amie Saskatchewan

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