Research and Developments: Travel Romance #1 by Jeannette Keats

Oh the possibilities!

The author poured a lot into this story and while I thought the story in many respects took a naive approach to a short but intense connection by two complete strangers, I have to say that the prose, the description, the tone and the attitude was some of the best I have read in a long time.

This was a story that allowed the characters the opportunity to express themselves unfettered.

I liked the fact that I got to read their story and when I say that, what I mean is I liked the fact it wasn’t dictated to me, it wasn’t forced upon me, it was laid out piece by piece, with a tasteful beauty.

The author used her obviously very vivid imagination to highlight the passion the main characters felt towards each other but she wasn’t overtly salacious, much of the sensuality came from the implied emotional connection that as a reader was impossible to miss.

I liked the fact that neither of them was willing to lay all their cards on the table, they both had a life off the island but when what that was, comes to light, well that was the moment my emotions plummeted, I wanted them to be able to have it all. Could they?

This isn’t your usual romance novel, but it is without a doubt gloriously romantic. The author was able to cover all the bases with a story that embraced the emotional spectrum, it easily included the simplicity of the connection between the two of them and wrapped it up in a storyline that while not riddled with complexity, was definitely more than it initially appeared.

I only hope that given the last word in the book was “Hello” that there may be a little more to come, I would like to see what happens to them both next.

Topic: Research and Developments: Travel Romance #1 by Jeannette Keats

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