Hot Stuff

by Kim Karr

I don’t believe there is anything that Kim Karr can’t do, this knocked it out of the park!

I love a sports romance and this was one that I just didn’t want to end, it had all sorts of issues going on not least the fact that superstar Lucas, the new draft to the Chicago Bears was strictly off limits to training intern and daughter of head coach …Gillian Whitney.

But you can’t help how you feel and neither of them have the wherewithal to deny the way they feel about each other, no matter how hard they try.

The push and pull was intoxicating, the fact they had to hide what they were feeling only added to the intensity of the situation.

The author dished up a plethora of emotions, I found the relationship between them not only sexy but oh so sweet. Be prepared to have a sniffle or two if not to shed a tear, this was a fantastic story by a very talented author

Topic: Hot Stuff by Kim Karr

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