Heaven in the Dark by Tina Wright

The start of the story had me scratching my head, Allie is a victim of what appears to be sex trafficking and currently is being held captive. But her impending fate is averted when David intervenes and saves her.

Now maybe I was reading too much into this but if she was destined for the sex slave trade and he saved her, then did he really save her or did he just pay the price they had on her head for his own needs.

Did his draw to this girl have more connotations than were initially apparent?

And again when she is freed, I struggled with this “philanthropist” when she ends up at his home and eventually in his bed.

So, so far I am at odds with the details but this is where the story changed for me.

I watched as the two of them fell head first in love and couldn’t help but be relieved that they had the opportunity to have that sort of depth of relationship.

I think once I got a little more of David, I got the opportunity to understand the man, his loves and his fears, his behaviour, it all made more sense to me, the situation concerning his parents and their love affair meant that the man himself made more sense, the darkness that lurked below the surface with him was more than I had anticipated.

But is his worry justified?

Is the relationship he is forging with Allie under threat?

Will her captor gain his revenge?

Played out in the present the story actually spans timeframes, because much of the crux of this book has its foot firmly entrenched in that past.

Keep your wits about you and your mind open and this book will serve you up a story that is as much of a treat as it is intriguing.

An ultimately emotional read that appears to jump straight in but actually the real love is a creeper that catches you unawares.

I look forward to the next book and hope to hear more about Eddie and his story.