White Heat by Serge de Moliere

Carol was a woman on the run, having finally found the strength to flee a husband who I can only describe as being one step away from a complete fruit loop.

Dugan was the sort of man that has serial killer stamped all over him, the man’s psychotic. So her escape was never going to be one that would go unavenged, Dugan would never allow her to just leave, but she had no option but to escape his cruelty.

But their isolated location and the inclement weather mean that her path to freedom was not an easy one.

The terrain took its opportunity to hamper her escape and she struggled to keep her head above water – literally. But good luck was smiling on her when, a kindred spirit, a soul on the run literally falls over her and takes matters into his own hands.

His tiny cabin in the woods is hardly palatial but it is enough to keep them both safe and warm but with the storm closing in they are going to have to hunker down for a while.

Josh is on the run form the law, but he treats her with nothing but respect. But their proximity and emotions mean that it was only a matter of time before their connection became physical.

And they didn’t hold back when they did take that step.

But no matter the bliss they were sharing within the walls of the cabin, the harsh reality of the fact that they were both being hunted was never far away.

The chapters that were told from Dugan’s POV were disturbing to say the least, the man was completely mental and his plans for getting Carol back and what he planned for her once she was back in his grasp was just cruel.

But can they keep on step ahead of not only Dugan but Josh’s demons too?

Can they maintain what has begun to take shape in this tiny cabin?

So, now what did I make of the book, well I am not a short story lover, I always feel as if I am filling in too many blanks, trying to piece together too many fragments and all in too short a time-span.

I liked the book, I liked the story but I think had it been longer I would have found a book that I could have really loved.

I wanted to know what Josh was hiding from, I wanted to know more of Carol and her family, more of the madness that was Dugan and what had made him the way he was, I mean he had to have lost the plot at some point but what broke him?

The book was well written, the language was evocative and the tone was definitely set to smoulder and as short story it covered all the bases- I would have just loved the bigger picture.

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