Misguided Truths Part 2 by Sarah Elizabeth



Misguided Truths Part 2 by Sarah Elizabeth


This book, tore my heart out! The details and emotion delivered was quite simply staggering.The story dragged me screaming and kicking through some of the worst aspects of human nature, the evil that man has the power to inflict on others, for no other reason than perverted pleasure and self-preservation. God I hate Neil!!! Bastard!

The story is told exclusively from Brandon’s point of view and what a fascinating view it is. The humour in his musing made me smile and the pain in his reflections reduced me to tears. If this was the emotions you were aiming for Sarah Elizabeth then bravo Mrs – you scored the jackpot because Brandon wiped the floor with me.

I have loved this whole series, the characters were so personable, so endearing that it was impossible to not fall a little bit ( or a lot in Brandon’s case) in love with them all.

The whole cast make their appearance again in this, and we get to hear exactly what Brandon thinks of them all, Alyssa is as feisty as ever but she is a true friend to Alexis and in the end she is the type of friend to Brandon that he needs. Ryan is delightful, so funny – I would love to get a little more from that pair – they have a tale to tell, I am sure. I liked that we got to hear more about both Rachel and Layla – they both stood by Brandon when he needed them most and the bond they have is very touching.

Alexis’s father Paul and his new partner Diane, give a degree of normality to the novel, as “proper”adults they give another perspective and dimension to the book. Although that is not to say that the book is a teenage angst filled ride into hell – because old beyond his years Brandon has been through more in his lifetime that any of us would wish to have experienced but he knows what it is like to have love and lost and has no intension of ever treading that path again – his heart belongs to Alexis but the pitfalls along the way are on occasion beyond the comprehension of two who are so young.

Alexis is naive to many things and whilst Brandon can be held responsible in many ways for leaving her in the dark – there is occasion when she is just too quick to judge. The exuberance of youth!

This is not a gentle meandering love story, it is not a romantic romp or an angst filled drama – it is the story of one young man’s fight to regain control of the one thing that he has in inimitable right to fight for – his future.

The road they travel is filled with obstacles and anger but like two halves of the same soul they are drawn together. They try to be “friends” but with emotions that continue to bubble to the surface whenever they are around each other it was never going to be possible.

The situation with Neil, is finally laid to rest or is it? The depth of his depravity is breath-taking – how did someone so young get to be so psychotic- because I can’t think of another word to adequately describe what he did to Brandon, Holly, Alexis and her father. He is an absolute fruit-loop!!

Can I sum up the story in one word – yes I think I can it was Epic. It was great to read the thoughts of an emotional young man who had been treated so badly when all he really wanted was his life back.

Written in the first person narrative, I found the chapters flew past and it was like sitting with a friend listening to him regaling the story of his life – the dialect was spot on. I could hear every word he said – not just read them.

Would I recommend this series to a friend – hell yes- give me a megaphone and I’ll shout it from the rooftops - this is one not to be missed.

A lot has been said about the epilogue and whilst it may not have been blatantly obvious, it most certainly is not unwelcome because doors remain ajar!!