by L A Casey



Catching up with Bronagh and Dominic three years after the end of book one, this novella centres around Bronagh’s 21st birthday and to be honest it was a great idea to tell the story of the day in this way, it opened the pair of them up a little more and gave us a chance to see what had changed between them in the intervening years.

I have to say though I was a little disappointed that Bronagh hadn’t matured as I had hoped, if anything she was still that same mouthy eighteen year old, Dominic had matured into someone that I hadn’t expected and that was a surprise.

They were still as feisty together but they were definitely together and rightfully so!

If ever a pair where put together with a specific partner in mind it was Dominic and Bronagh because they really could only ever belong to each other.

They say love is blind but in their case it was a complete sensory overload because neither of them came fitted with a brain to mouth filter, it was hilarious – they laid everything out there and revelled in it.

I loved the fact that Dominic challenged her to tasks that pushed her out of her comfort zone and efectively made her work for her gifts, his book at the top of the wall climb was just devine.

He really laid his heart out there for her.

But it is not all pain sailing and when he finally says what is on his mind, Bronagh has a decision to make – is she ready to changed her ways for her man?

The end of the books set the scene and I think the tone for the next book in the series and I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on the delectable Alec