by Lila Monroe

Yet again Lila Monroe delivers, a totally scrumptious read that will keep you glued to the screen or page for hours, well maybe not hours but certainly however long it takes for you to totally devour it!

The quality of writing was as I expected fantastic and the pace of the book was more than enough to have me frantically flipping the pages.

I thought the storyline was layered in such a way as it was impossible to know or at least to second guess what was coming next. 

The connection between Max and Hallie was off the charts and rightly so, they were a match made in heaven.

I thought that she was just the sort of woman to keep him honest and by that I mean she would ensure that he didn’t take her or their relationship for granted, this is a guy that is used to things being or happening in a certain way, so being with Hallie was always going to test his resolve and resolution... would he fight for her?

But the benefits that they have by being together cuts both ways because as much as she make him look at what he wanted, his input in her life was in my opinion more marked, because he was able to challenge her to challenge herself and that was an important step for her.

But when all is said and done, there was only actually one question that I wanted answered…could they hold on to each other?

Well of course that is something I have no intention of tell you – you will need to read that for yourself but that isn’t exactly a hardship because as the first book in the new series, this was not only funny, flirty and fabulous…it was superb!

Topic: VIP by Lila Monroe

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