Mr Match

by JA Huss

From an author with a mind that apparently works in a very different way from anyone’s I have ever known, comes the final book in the amazing Misters Series…Ms Huss, the level of your creativity is exceptional and with this series you pitched an ace!

As each and every one of the Misters has had their forced re-immergence into the spotlight, they have each had to face ordeals that have tested not only themselves but those that love them and ultimately the Misters as a whole…but why?

Who has been at the root of their misfortune?

Well in this Oliver’s book we get the answers that not even Sherlock would have been able to deduce until now.

Oliver Shrike is last on the list, the final Mister to feel the wrath of their combined adversary, but as much as I anticipated this being a glorious showdown, I could have never imagined how it was all going to play out.

So who was Oliver’s spook?

Who was going to be the person to conduct not only the direction of Oliver’s story but also that of the other Misters and their significant others? Well that would be the wonderful Katya.

There was so much going on between the two that I was simply blown away. The connection they shared was complete and it explained a lot of how and why Oliver was the man he was, he had waited so long to get her back, he trusted that she would return and knew that she was his forever and by the time he was willing to reveal all of the secrets that he had carried for so long, I suddenly realised that his bigger picture was far bigger than anyone ever anticipated.

I was apprehensive about Katya but I trusted Oliver and that soothed my nerves. She came good in the end, I had thought that by the time she was able to reveal what was and had been happening in her life that the repercussions would be cataclysmic and as she started to unveil what exactly was happening I could barely draw breath.

I can’t in all good faith tell you anything that happens in the story, it would be cruel but what I can say is the that this was a beautifully, creative and constructed story. It left no stone unturned and no nerve un-shredded… it takes everything you think you knew and bins it, it brings a new sense of proportion and propriety and I loved each and every word.

Prepare yourself as best you can to have what you thought as going on with the Misters turned on its head, be ready to gasp and be prepared for a ride that when it is over will take a large glass of something strong and alcoholic to recover from!


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