Tyson Caine by Aleya Michelle

Ooh I’m so excited, an author I had never read before!!!  And one that I absolutely loved, this was a super book and Tyson Caine, straight onto my favourite character’s list.

Tyson is the eldest of the Caine brothers but he is still a kid, a young man who seems to shoulder more than most and beside his brothers there is one person that matters the most to him and that is Brooklyn, he has loved her for a long as he can remember but he hasn’t actually gotten around to telling her how he feels…after all if she doesn’t feel the same, he could lose his best friend. Really, she would have to be a complete imbecile not to love him, I fell for the guy hook, line and sinker!

The connection between the two of them was impossible to miss, they brought each other to life. I think I would have to fess up and admit that this was the book that kept me up until the early hours as I wasn’t in a position to just lay the book down and pick it up again in the morning, I wanted to read it all, to get to the end of their story and to see exactly what the author had in story for them both.

I adored the path the story took, the lilt of the story and the style the author has, this was a fabulous read, and I have to say it should be high on everyone’s to be read list.

Topic: Tyson Caine by Aleya Michelle

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