Dominic by MJ Fields


Second in the series but that is about the only time this sexy arsed Italian is ever going to be second to anyone... dear lord he is glorious!!

Dominic is as alpha as he could possibly be and still be breathing, but add in the accent and OMG I think you could just mop me up from the floor because I’ve just melted!

Dominic Segretti is on the move, leaving Italy and heading to America, Jersey Shore to be more precise. He has to let the rest of his family know that there is danger looming for them.

But you know what it is like, enjoying a little downtime, cutting loose and BAM! The one thing he never knew he was looking for swept into his life... because playing the tables at the Hilton Casino is quickly secondary when Delaney Johnson enters his field of vision because she is all he can see.

Delaney has just graduated college and after the none too pretty end of her previous relationship she is moving on. Fortunately for her a quick pit stop in the casino ends with a night she is never going to forget but by just how much, she really has no idea. Mind you neither does Dominic.

Dominic is everything that Laney isn’t, and he is determined that he will show her how to live life to the fullest. He tries and tests her in so many ways but the one thing that he never tests is the fact that he will do anything for her, he protects what is his and his heart knows that she is his!

He is so sweet towards her that he made me forget that their story was fiction, I fell completely for the pair of them and the whirlwind relationship that had embarked upon.

Laney made me smile when her mouth cuts Dominic down to size, he may be used to getting his own way but she tests his patience and his reaction to her is just fabulous. But Delaney definitely struck it lucky at the casino that night because she found her soul mate, the other half of her heart, the one person put on this earth to love her forever- Dominic.

Like every story not everything is plain sailing – they have their issues, many of which I have to say could have been alleviated if Dominic had been a  little more forthcoming with the secrets that he kept inside, I mean I could have honestly punched him for being such a plum!!

But that aside, I loved this story, it was quick to read, full of passion and heat, with a little mystery and intrigue thrown into the mix. It has great characters at its core and an underlying message that I found most satisfying – sometimes it takes looking at yourself through the eyes of others to see the real you – no matter what Laney thought Dominic could see the real her and made sure that he laid that before her, she was and could be everything she had always wanted to be.