My Fake Vegas Boyfriend

by Lori Sizemore

There was a genuine understanding of the characters that powered its way through this story, one that seemed determined to give Layla and Jace an opportunity to express themselves.
Layla was far from run of the mill, she had an individuality that set her apart from the rest, a slightly skewed way of looking at the world but in some cases, that isn’t exactly a bad thing and I have to say that in her case…she owned her quirks!
And none more so, than when her mother makes a passing comment that she would consider having her committed…I mean really woman leave the girl alone, just because she doesn’t want to live the life you have pegged for her doesn’t mean that she is crazy. If anything, that says more about her parents than her and in her defense, she did manage to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat when she blurted out that she didn’t need her mother’s interference because she already had a boyfriend! Well, this was going to prove interesting because Layla had many things but a man in her life was certainly not one of them!
With no man on the horizon, it was a stroke of luck that she gets a visit from a member of the security team where she managed to bag a picture of the latest hot celebrity. Because with a limited bank of candidates to pull her fake boyfriend from, when the sexy as sin security office Jace shows up, she may just have hit the jackpot…she just needs to ask him first.
I loved the scenario, Layla was the sort of character I could read all day, she was engaging, bright and full of the sort of quirky mischief that I find captivating. Jace was everything I thought he might be and a bit more, to be honest, yep, he was a handsome chap but he was more than that too he was heading somewhere, he had his sights set on bigger and better things and was determined to improve the life he had. Being the fake boyfriend for the daughter of an upper-class family with more than a few issues wasn’t exactly on his agenda but when like Layla his options are limited…he runs with what he has and agrees to help, well if you can call it agreeing she was more than willing to play dirty with her offer, so he was almost out of options before he even said yes.
I tossed and turned between my musings as to whether Layla was actually crazy or not or was it as I had first thought, just a quirky girl with a determination to show her folks that she is perfectly capable of living her own life and that includes having a romantic relationship.
The story will gather you up and slowly pick away at your subconscious, there were points raised and questions posed that had me doubting what I had just read. The intrigue around Layla and why she was the way she was, the determination of her parents to have her toe the line and uphold the family reputation, the undercurrent of darkness that you can’t help but question as to why it is there…honestly, there is so much that it is impossible to put it all in a few lines.
This is one you should read for yourself, it is fantastically well written, with amazing attention to details and beautiful descriptions.
Highly recommended.

Topic: My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore

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