Monday’s Promise

by R.G.Corr


If you haven’t read anything by RG Corr then I implore you to please read Autumn’s Rise and then this because they are some of the best books you will read…I can guarantee it.

I loved the first book. So, finding the right words to actually adequately put how I feel about this into words is not easy because for me this falls into very select company on the bookshelf, the one I save for a very limited number of books, the ones where the second in the series is better than the first …and believe me when you have writing of this quality that is far from easy.

Everyone from Autumn’s Rise is in this story, so I was delighted to be catching up with Autumn and Zed again but I fell head over heels for the glorious Reid and Bea (aka Pickles)

If you have read the first book, you will have a little bit of Reid’s story, he is a lover not a fighter, so his defence mechanism of choice was his wit and charm, he is such a nice guy but at times he doesn’t seem to have much of a filter in place, I found him fabulous but I could also see that his incessant jokes could be grating.

But they were willing to try at least to overcome some of the mountain of obstacles that seem to be lining up against them as they try to find a way to make what they have work.

Can they? Well only time and determination will tell.

From the minute their situation began to take shape I was hooked, I wanted them to have everything they deserved, for them to be happy.

I cried at more than one occasion as the story progressed but I regret nothing, I loved this book and I don’t know what else I can possibly say other than be prepared, this will knock you for six.