On My Knees by J Kenner

I’m a simple soul, I like a story to hold my attention and to make sure that it leaves its mark on me somewhere!

But with this I have to say that I feel thoroughly schooled – J Kenner you have laid bare secrets, lies and lusts and all that before I even get to the steam factor – I am breathless.

This the second book in the Jackson Steele trilogy picks up from book one and I have to say that Jackson Steele, you are a god!

Jackson had my attention unconditionally, I felt as if I was plastered to his side and I don’t ever want to leave him. Really he was just so intense and so damn hot, I think all it would take would be one glance and I could spontaneously combust!!!

But I have to share, I don’t want to but she’s fictional so who cares!

Jackson loves Sylvia, he may not be being entirely truthful with her – guilty by omission is still guilty!

But he does love her, of that you are left in no doubt. His life revolves around her and the fact that he will do everything that he can to make sure that he does not squander the trust she has given to him by agreeing to be his submissive but will his secrets undermine that determination?

You bet your backside it does.

But I have to say that I felt for him because Sylvia had more than her fair share of skeletons in her cupboard and they were as desperate to put in an appearance.

Together may not have been the easiest option for the two of them but in all reality it was the only option because together they can survive, apart they were merely existing.

They fought had for every ounce of happiness that they could bestow upon each other and that was a characteristic that I was totally enamoured with. I love it when characters love hard. Life needs more of that!

Their appetite for each other was smoulderingly sexy, yet intensely private. It was voyeurism of the highest order, the peek inside the depth of feeling the pair of them had was dauntingly beautiful to read and held the perfect balance between what to reveal and what to keep between the pair of them.

I was pleased to see that Damien and Nikki were dotted throughout this book, it was great to keep tab son them and I have to say that there were also some characters that I really could have done without, nothing to do with the writing, more to do with the fact that I have a sneaky suspicion that I am not going to like what they either do or say in the next book.

I was left with a strong sense of urgency, I want the next book, like yesterday!