Spiralling Skywards (Falling #1) by Lesley Jones

I read Lesley Jones’s name on the cover of a book and I have a reading ritual that I need to perform before I can even open the first page (I read Carnage and only just survived the broken heart!!!)

I need to make sure I am

  • Wearing comfortable clothes, because there is no chance I am moving anywhere soon
  • I have tissues close at hand
  • There is a bottle of something cold and alcoholic chilling somewhere close by
  • And most importantly that my nearest and dearest have been thoroughly warned on pain of certain death that they need to leave me alone!!

With everything checked off my list and a secret stash of chocolate by my side ( just for emergency purposes I will add!) I was ready to dive in and I thank everything that is holy that I am such a sad woman because I needed every one of my safety checks …and the chocolate because this was another of Lesley’s works of sheer brilliance!

Sarah and Liam met when he was in the UK on business, partners with her brother Luke, Liam was on a flying visit from Australia just checking in with the progress for their new business. But all that goes to pot when fate gets in the way and life takes on an entirely new direction. I love it when characters are forced to divert from the path that they set for themselves, it is like real life in as much as you may think you know what you’re doing or where you’re going but you never quite know what is round the corner and in this case it was each other!

 I can’t give too much away as it would be doing you a real disservice, but what I can say is that these are characters that you’re going to want to get to know.

You need to hear their story and boy do they have one to tell!

Neither of them are blemish free, they both have pasts that have the potential to cause more than a little hiccup along the way but I was hooked wondering whether or not they were going to be able to work their way through it all.

As you would expect with a book by this author the story is far from simple, it is layer upon layer of emotion, it has romance, it has spiciness, it has angst and drama and it has it all in bucket loads.

But what it also has is a very large helping of what it is to love and to be loved.

It was completely captivating, or actually that might just have been Liam…no I’m kidding (Luke’s a bit of alright too!) no sorry, I digress, it had everything I knew I was going to get but it was magnified tenfold.

I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh, cry of just melt by the time I reached the last page but what I do know is I need to read the next book…NOW!

Topic: Spiralling Skywards (Falling #1) by Lesley Jones

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