by Staci Hart

There is something beautiful about Val, a talented musician, living her life the way she wants, refusing to be the same, refusing to conform to the usual stereotypes that would in turn offer her nothing but being miserable…so I applaud and love her, her curves and her normality.

But there is one field in which she is desperate to be like everyone else and that is to bag herself a man…she has her eye on fellow musician Sam but the feeling so far has not been reciprocated. Not that Sam doesn’t think she is attractive, it’s just he isn’t sure that he can be the forever guy that he knows Val needs.

Now, it’s all fair and well knowing that but that doesn’t mean that he was going to sit back and watch another guy make a play for his woman, especially not his best mate Ian.

The agreement they came to is something you need to read for yourself but let’s just say they left themselves wide open for the chaos that ensued

Of course, it was never going to all run smoothly, the hiccups that were bubbling away under the surface were always enough to have it all explode in their faces and I didn’t want that for Val, she deserved to be happy and for the most part so it Sam, even if he was being slightly dense about it all.

This was a genuinely sweet story with characters that insisted I care about them and that by the end had proved that there is someone for everyone, convention be dismissed!


Topic: PLAYER by Staci Hart

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