I have been waiting with baited breath to get my hands on this one, the teasers that have been issued over the last few weeks have had me totally intrigued. And I will admit now that this is a read that certainly lived up to the anticipation, I loved it.

From start to finish this was one that I quite simply couldn’t put down, well not easily anyway. It had me on the edge of my seat and totally engrossed in the possibilities.

The story was beautifully woven around Emmie, facing the task of packing up her beloved grandmothers store following her death, Emmie soon learnt that what she thought she was going to do and what she would end up doing were at total opposite ends of the scale, because when push came to shove, selling the bookstore was something that she just couldn’t bring herself to do…so it looks like the town has itself a new inhabitant.

But life as the new proprietor is tough, the financial pressures are immense so she starts to look for someone to share the space, someone who could take on half the floor space and therefore lessen her financial obligations, and for as much as that might have seemed like the most run of the mill solution to her situation…until she found her new tenant!

Ox may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but for Emmie he was the answer to her problem. Recently separated from not just his girlfriend but also his job ( the two were sort of a non-negotiable package, she was his boss) Ox is on the lookout for a new direction and he doesn’t need to look far once Emmie’s proposal to take up have the store is laid before him, after all he doesn’t need that much room to tattoo someone but having been burned once, Ox is dead set on them being nothing other than professional…well let me tell you, that was a nonstarter from the get go because  it didn’t take long for it to become glaringly obvious that there was more sparking under that roof that just creativity. Nope the pair of them were totally smitten.

There were little swings of angst and attitude dotted throughout the story, it pitched back and forth as they learnt that not everything was as they thought about each other, they both had their secrets to overcome.

I finished the book glad that it had lived up to my expectations, delighted that they had been everything that I wanted them to be and with a smile on my face. I hope that there is more often same to come and that this is not the last I have seen and heard from Ox and Emmie.


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