Stealing the Biker's Heart

by Piper Davenport

Having a man in her life isn’t exactly high on Jasmine Buckley's list of priorities at the moment, this is a woman with much bigger ambitions, like proving that she can make it in business, not just any business but her own cosmetic business, and as much as she is sure that she is happy in her own skin, as beautiful as that is, she can’t help but be attracted to the one guy that she is certain that is totally off limits…the guy that has the hots for her bestie.

Well as hot as Valen (aka Alamo) Slater is, it took him a little time to get across the point that his interest in her friend was all in her imagination because he had his sights set much closer to home…he wanted her and what he wants he gets!

I loved Alamo, he want afraid to call it like it is and to go after what he both wanted and needed but it didn’t just stop at affairs of the heart, nope his role as Sergeant at Arms in the Dogs of Fire MC put him on a collision course with danger on an almost daily basis, and throw in the fact that he is dealing with a situation with his sister and a killer that isn’t shy of making his presence known, well breaking a few of Jasmine’s rules was a walk in the park…anyway he was never going to play fair when it came to getting his woman.

This was a ne sitting read for me, I could have spread the story out but as the danger crept ever closer and the anticipation continued to mount, I quite simply couldn’t find a place to pause and take stock.

I was asking myself all sorts of questions, holding conversations with my kindle about whether or not this sexy as sin alpha male would get everything he hoped for or was fate going to play hard ball with him? Could he keep those that he loved and cared for safe from the imminent danger or would his happy ever after slip through his fingers?

I have no doubt that you will totally fall in love with Alamo and he deserves our admiration, but Jasmine isn’t just making up the numbers her, she is a fantastic character and just the right woman for him, together they were sensational.

I thought the story was totally on point, the pace flowed beautifully, the secondary characters brought more than most to the page and nothing was quite what I expected.

Oh, and that ending…wow!!

Topic: Stealing the Biker's Heart by Piper Davenport

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