Never Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer.



This was a fantastic book, I simply loved it.

It absorbed me and kept me captive within its pages as I journeyed along with what can also be described as some completely glorious charaters.

The story had it all but initially I found myself aghast at the secrets that were being shielded between the two main characters. I understood her reticence to tell him what she held inside but I have to say that its undercurrent through the plot was simply worked to perfection.

The story had more twists and turns that you could shake a stick at but I have to say the author to it to the millionth degree – and damn was she good!

Remy hide, it is what she did best – the real woman was buried beneath the face she showed to the world each day but she was as tough as old boots to all those who thought they knew her. I liked her she gave what she had to, to a situation but she never really gave all of her and that frustrated me. I wanted her to let the world see it was ok to not be ok.  She broke my heart when I found out what she had been through, better than her would have crumbled at the loss.

Mathias was a self-righteous ass, hot as hades but an ass all the same. Arrogance is never an attractive feature but if you are blessed with what Mathias brought to mankind then maybe you can be forgiven – a little bit. He was in the public eye in the most spectacular of ways, being in popular band but despite or perhaps because of his flaws he was basically a good guy. I didn’t expect to like him and sometimes I wanted to slap him but overall he was a great read.

The book had it all and I am glad that I gave myself the opportunity to read what one of my favourite books is so far this year.