Forever Yours by Elizabeth Reyes



I think I must have missed this one when it was released because Elizabeth Reyes is one of my favourite authors and having devoured all the Moreno Novels - I was stunned when I saw this one on Amazon and realised that it had slipped past me - my wrist was well and truly smacked I can tell you.

This is another in the Moreno stable and gives more the story of the romance between Angel and Sarah.

Based around their time in college this covers the period when they are really finding out about their love and each other. Together these pair are a force of nature - they are invincible but separately they have their wobbles and insecurities.

Angel, loves Sarah with everything that he is but he is a Moreno and in this we get to see more of that Moreno temper!

He is a true Alpha in training!!! 

Sarah is his and hell will freeze over before he shares her with anyone and that includes any "supposed" family. They spend every moment they can with together and their love is that tangible.

They face their demons head on in this novel and have more than one trial and tribulation to overcome but as hard as it is, the blow is always softened when in your heart you know that you are truly loved.

Sarah's heartache at her lack of Family is touching and makes the unfolding situation a difficult one to read - Angel has to bite his tongue and try to shelter Sarah from the heartache that he knows lies ahead but when his suspicions are proved correct, Sarah is devastated and Angel is incandescent with rage.

I loved reading about Sydney again - he is such a sweet guy. And it was nice that Elizabeth was able to briefly tie the 5th Street gang into the story also.

The book fulfils it's brief - it gives us more of this incredible pair, it is full to the brim of romance and it gives the allows us a close up of the world according to Angel - he is a complicated little soul - a hot blooded Latino, he blows both hot and cold at times - he has a filthy temper but a gentle soul, he loves Sarah unconditionally and is loyal and loving without exception.

Sarah is only very going to be with one man and OMG did Angel get his proposal spot on!

It was quite simply BREATHTAKING!!!!!!

I sobbed my heart out it was beautifully written and is probably the best Epilogue I have EVER read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rating 4 out of 5