L is for Luminous

by Amity Cross


I am an Amity Cross fan and I make no bones about that but I am an honest reviewer and I have to say that while I honestly enjoyed this book it is not my favourite of her works.

 I found the scenario easy to get my head around but was distracted somewhat by trying to work out what might if anything be based on real life…I know sad but it was an “I wonder?” moment and I suppose that is my fault for allowing myself to get distracted.

I soon reigned myself in though once the plot started to come to life and boy, did come to life.

In true Amity Cross style she lined up the pins for a perfect plot and knocked each and every one of them down with her own inimitable flare!

Lux is our leading lady and as expected she is a complex but colourful character. She isn’t without the prerequisite baggage but it isn’t until she meets Jude that her life changes completely.

The story is one that will test your fortitude, there are characters that you will both love and hate in equal measure but if you are anything like me you will grow to love and admire Lux.

She takes life in her stride so to speak but that is not to say that there won’t be times when you will hang you head and wonder what the heck she is up too. She was a bit of a conundrum sometimes but I think overall she just about kept me rooting for her.

So summing up how I feel, I will say that Amity dished up a book that I really hadn’t expected and showed me that my expectations are always going to be blown away when I read and Amity Cross novel!

Topic: L is for Luminous by Amity Cross

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