Never Forgotten Love by S M Stryker


Life as a kid is tough and both Beckett and Harlow have had more than their fair share of misery whilst they were growing up but they had each other.

I loved Beckett, his attitude and enthusiasm was inspirational. No matter the hell that was heaped upon him, he found his positive and moved forward. When Harlow was taken from him, he never gave up and always held onto the hope that he could find her again.

Do dreams come true? Well if you work hard enough they just might!

Harlow is a strong woman, she has compartmentalised what happened to her and moved on. She lives in the here and now and is very pragmatic about everything and that I found very easy to relate too.

When she reconnects with Beckett she initially finds it difficult to get over the years they have been apart but being with Beckett again supersedes all her anxieties and they begin to build a relationship, one they not only deserve but one that they could have had long ago.

This is the perfect second chance at finding your first love.

The author does an exquisite job of marrying the angst of loss and pain with the acceptance of the fact that life can be cruel.

She gave depth to the characters and credence to the fact that is you get your chance to have the one you want then you have to everything humanly possible to hold on tight to not only true love but true friendship.