by Faith Starr


Jordin Turner was a novice and obviously in more ways than one because why else would a clever woman, which she obviously is pick a subject she has absolutely no knowledge of to study and write her thesis on. I wasn’t sure I understood her subject choice and whether it was down to the fact that she was genuinely interested or whether she was more curious than that.

As a psychology student Jordin is up to her eyes in study and preparation for her thesis, and considering the fact that she has elected to tackle the subject of women and their place in BDSM I had a feeling she was going to learn a darn sight more than she probably thought possible. Taking the bull by the horns Jordin contacted the only person she knew that might be able to assist, Noah Dorian.

Noah was the co-owner of Hilltops, with his brothers and in her mind, he was bound to be the go to guy when it came to uncovering everything she needed to know about all things fantasy, after all from what she knew the club may have been very exclusive but that exclusivity came at a price and the patrons relished that fact. But would he hear her out or would he side line her request? And if he did give her an interview, was there anything more that could come from it?

Their initial meeting was one that would define their futures, it was so intense that it was almost electrifying, a simple interview opened the door to so much more for them both because as much as Jordin was like a moth to a flame where Noah was concerned and he wasn’t much better because there was something about her that had him thinking and planning things he never considered before. So, sure that he doesn’t want a relationship, it was a shock that he had to re-examine what he had previously thought because with Jordin he was ready for more …whatever that more might be.

I liked Noah’s dominance but that isn’t to say that I liked him all the time, he was more than a little testy and at times, I’m not sure that he was someone that I would have been able to deal with but Jordin was just right for him and watching the two of them evolve was a fantastic ride. The connection between them both emotionally and physically was absolutely on point it was everything that I thought it would be and then some.

Whilst describing this as a roller coaster may be a little too much I can admit that it was far from smooth, I laughed at this story and whilst I didn’t cry, it certainly was touching, chipping away at the whole BDSM scene this left me looking for more and with another book in the series already lined up on my kindle I am ready to dive right in.


Topic: Destiny by Faith Starr

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