Pour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee

There is definitely something to be said for a debut author, it is fascinating taking that first peak into their imagination and seeing what they have come up with and if this, the first work by Zoe Lee is anything to go by I think we are all onto a winner because this is a super love story, most beautifully written.

The story brought a smile to my face, one that I really needed to feel and I couldn’t help but be captivated by the characters. They worked their way under my skin and claimed their own little piece of my soul.

Jaded by a life on the road, working the world so to speak, Chase has had enough, she is sick of the drudgery and sick of the job, so she does what any self-respecting free spirit is going to do, she quits her job and takes off, a chance, an opportunity to do what she wants for a while, to go exactly where she wants to go and to just be herself. But did she really expect to end up in Maybelle, Virginia?

Aden was everything his family tried not to be and that made him the most fabulous male character that I have read in a while, he was a good man, a quiet, shy man who was happy with his life and wasn’t looking for anything or anyone to add their tuppence worth. But then again he hadn’t met Chase before because once she lands in town he is barely able to tell which way is up. He is smitten but the way to her heart is far from plain sailing and much of the choppy water that he has to navigate is of his own doing, heck if he isn’t a master at putting his foot in it!

I love the conflict between their hearts and their heads, it was so obvious that even a blind man could have seen that they were fighting a losing battle but it was fun watching the two of them try to figure that out for themselves. They just had to realise the possibilities they had together.

This was two people who on paper would probably have never been a match but that in all reality couldn’t have been more perfect for each other. They were so good together that it would have been sinful for them not to have found their way.

The author worked her magic here, the setting was fabulous, the descriptions were stunning, the story was illuminating and the plethora of characters have me hanging on to the hope that we may just get a return visit to Maybelle in the very near future.

Topic: Pour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee

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