The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder

by Emmanuella Hristova

I have read this collection twice now, and I did so because I was not quite sure that I was completely at one with what I had experienced the first time so I thought it only proper to give the words a second opportunity to speak to me and I have to say that when they spoke…I not only listened…I felt, every single one.

I am not the best when it comes to poetry I sometimes find that the interpretation of others words in this format leave me with too much of an opportunity to inject my own emotions into what for the most part are someone else’s very powerful emotions and that both distracts and detracts for me but after the second reading , I have to say that I totally got it.

I thought the authors honesty was not just thought provoking but also beautifully honest. There was a brutal edge to much of what I read but if I think about it, I am sure that it had to be and for the most part I was grateful that it was. I’ll admit that on more than one occasion I cried, so hard at one point that my heart didn’t just break, I could almost feel the tears cleansing my soul.

I loved this, I hold my hands up to say that I wasn’t sure that I would but I admit Emmanuella has won me over



Topic: The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder by Emmanuella Hristova

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