by L.B. Dunbar

I think MS Dunbar has carved out a whole new genre – because whilst I can fall in love with anything and anyone I find between the pages of a good book, there is just something really special when it is someone that is your age, someone who has had your life experiences and someone that in a parallel universe I would love to swap -places with. This the latest in this series which features the over 40’s is yet another belter from an amazingly astute and talented author.

I loved that the characters have some age to them that they have had life experiences and that they know their own mind, neither of them is wishy-washy, they are mentally and emotionally strong and willing to run with the hand that life has dealt them.

In the previous novel “Second Chances” we got a piece of Dolores’s life, and brief insight into her strength of character and her sense of purpose, she stayed and looked after not only parents who didn’t deserve her but also the diner and her Grandma. Responsibility was never shirked where Dolores was concerned, she took it in her stride but that doesn’t mean it came easy, and now that they have all passed on, her brother Denton offers her what might just be the tonic she needs…some time to herself.

When Denton suggested that Dolores make use of his place in sunny California, she was half tempted to say no but something inside seemed to urge her on and she was only too happy to take him up on his suggestion but would it be the opportunity she thought it might be or would life have yet another twist in the tale in store for her?

Garrett has everything a man in his position could possibly want and a whole lot more, he has worked hard for his success and enjoys the trappings that come with it but all his success and good looks doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had his heart broken in the past, so as far as he is concerned – when it comes to women, he is a keeping it casual type of guy.

Denton’s condo is next door to Garrett, and they could probably have lived next door without even knowing each other existed but when Garrett’s dog bowls Dolores over whilst she is taking in the view on the beach, all that changes.

Dolores isn’t exactly chuffed that his pooch has knocked her over and she doesn’t hold back in letting him know just that. Garrett is taken aback by the feisty stranger and feels an unexpected pull towards her. Shame she doesn’t seem to feel the same…or does she?

I loved that the two of them were a challenge, that they both had a lot to learn not only from each other but also about themselves.

The story was captivating, emotionally charged and a real break from the norm, thoroughly enjoyable!


Topic: WINE & DINE by L.B. Dunbar

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