by MV Ellis

It often feels that finding a new author to fall in love with isn’t always easy, there is often not much to choose between them but MV Ellis seems to have broken the chains that many appear shackled by, thrown off the norm and presented a story that I really couldn’t fault.

I thought the author gave me characters that were thoroughly captivating, they were honest, their situation wasn’t or should I say didn’t feel concocted, it felt absolutely believable, a romance that rung true page after page and I was hooked.

Zed was a superb character on his own but add Olivia into the mix and they quite simply sung from the page, the chemistry between the two of them was a thing of real beauty, they were simply made for each other. They discovered not only each other but along the way they discovered themselves and reading the journey they travelled, as that happened, was a wonderful way to spend my evening.

I can do no more than ask that you take some time and read this at your first available opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your time with both Zed and Olivia, I am sure they will become firm favourites!


Topic: Zed by MV Ellis

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