by LeAnn Ashers

Hands down one of the best books I have read this year so far, I bl**dy loved it!!!!

When Techy met Alisha it was under unfortunate circumstances, she had been through a situation that had left a significant impact on her but would this hot, alpha male be able to show her that life could be good again and that she could be happy but would she be happy with him.

The bond between the two of them was one that just seemed so right, they worked so well together and Techy did what he did best, he loved his woman with every ounce of his being. He was every inch the alpha male but that was just his way, he had chosen to be with her and for him that determined the tone of his relationship, she was the centre of his world and he was willing to ensure her safety at all cost…as far as others were concerned, you mess with her at your peril, he isn’t the type of guy you want to p*ss off because there is nothing that he nothing that he isn’t willing to do to ensure her safety, as others were about to learn to their detriment!

I found that the attention and sensitivity that Techy showered on Alisha, made my heart soar, he completely adored her and that brought a massive smile to my face that I found impossible to shift.

I thought the story was beautifully written, it was touching and relatable. Both Alicia and Techy were people that I wanted to get to know and the author put so much into building their characters that in the end I actually felt connected to the pair of them. Intensely emotional this will have you chomping at the bit for the next book because if it is a good as this, I can’t wait!

Topic: Techy by LeAnn Ashers

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