Winning It All

by Victoria Denault


When the odds are stacked against you what do you do? You come out fighting or at least that was the plan for Sebastian Deveau had in mind because being dismissed almost for the sins of a father that was as woeful as he was wayward didn’t sit well with this sexy as sin French Canadian.

Hockey was in his soul, it was who he was and he didn’t make excuses for that but when Shayne Beckford made it perfectly clear that the one thing she didn’t do was date hockey players, he should have stepped away but there was one problem with that…he didn’t want too.

Sebastian had more than her resilience to overcome, he wanted more than the string of one night stands, he wanted someone like Shayne, shame she wasn’t looking for what he had on offer, well more than the physical that was.

I liked Shayne, she was as pig headed as they came, stubborn to the core but fiercely independent she knew her own mind, or so it seemed until Sebastian came in a shifted the goal posts.

Could she resist him, stick to her guns and walk away from the best thing she has ever had? Or will she see that he is different, a guy that she can trust and that is the exception to the rule, a hockey player that won’t let her down.

I didn’t know there were other books already in the series but I have now rectified that mistake!


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