Three Sweet Nothings

by Nikki Sloane

Be prepared to run the gamut of emotions as you navigate your way through this story because running neatly alongside the love and romance came a hefty angst.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to clarify the fact that this is a solid second chance romance but what did surprise me was the sizzle factor, this author did not hold back.

Heading back to New York, Kyle is glad to be seeing the back of Chicago but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he expects everything to be hunky-dory upon his return. The s**tstorm that he is leaving behind in the windy city only marginally out does the potential mess that he could be rekindling because when he left New York, he also left his girlfriend Ruby, they ended in the most unfortunate of circumstances and not only was it a massive misunderstanding it was also far from amicable. But now, he has to hope that they can find a way to play nicely, in their professional capacity anyway because their paths aren’t only about to cross they are completely intertwined.

So where do you pick up from that sort of ending and taking into account the fact that they have had nothing to do with each other for 5 years, I would have said it was fairly obvious and that they had to go right back to the start almost but would they?

What do you think???? This pair had a physical connection that just refused to wait, so while they took their own sweet time to get their hearts and their heads on the same page, their libidos made darn sure that it was getting what it wanted and they came to a mutually convenient physical agreement. Well that’s one way to work out your issues!

The ensuing situation will set your kindle to sizzle, the two of them were fabulous but I was more concerned about what was going to be left when they had to face the bigger picture?

Well written with strong and perfectly rounded characters who knew exactly what they wanted and how to get it.

Topic: Three Sweet Nothings by Nikki Sloane

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