Commander in Chief

by Katy Evans

I had a clear mental image of Matt Hamilton after the conclusion of the first book in this series. Mr President left me in no doubt that this was a man that was born for the role, destined for not only greatness but gratitude and after finishing this the second book I am comforted in the fact that he not only lived up to my expectations but exceeded them.

Charlotte left the States when Matt’s victory was announced not willing to be a distraction and fearing that her heart would never recover from not being able to have the man that she wants… Oh ye of little faith my woman because while his role may be as Commander in Chief of the nation, the one thing he struggles to keep command of is the love he has for Charlotte. He knows that she belongs with him and he has suffered long and hard for the two months that she has been travelling in Europe…but she is back and it is time to tie this whole thing down.

He has a proposition for her that may just be the ultimate game changer!

Inauguration day is looming but it is the events of that evening that determine the path that this electrifying couple will take. Determined to strike a path that will see them forge bonds, build bridges and create a legacy that others will be hard pressed to live up too.

The nation’s darlings they don’t have it all their own way but what they do have it earned, it is deserved and it is beautiful.

This was a story that leaves me with conflicting feelings because while I revelled in every word, absorbed every sentence, I finished it much quicker than I would have liked because I was sorry to part company with them both.

You don’t need me to tell you that this is superb, you only have to look at who wrote it to know that but what I can tell you from my perspective as the reader, is that this insight no matter how fictional into the world of politics has me hoping that somewhere in the political system the next President is reading this.

Topic: Commander in Chief by Katy Evans

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