Sweet Summer Love

by Sierra Hill

Be prepared to run the gamut of emotions with this little beauty.

Carver and Logan brought out all the feels, they had me both laughing and yes, crying as I travelled their story with them. The author wrote a story that not only brought the intensity of their relationship to life but also made sure that it was not only intensely personal and private but also beautifully romantic.

Logan brought out the best in Carver, she made him want to be the man, someone like her deserved.

I got the feeling that Logan was looking for a reason to change, he knew he was a bit of an a**, but he had his reasons as to why, his past played its part and up until now it had never mattered before, but he knew that for a chance to be with Logan, this tough, beautiful woman it was worth him taking a second look at who he was and how he lived his life and to make the changes.

I loved Carvers evolution and I liked the fact that I got to relive their past as that the author used flashbacks to describe not only what happened before but how that had impacted how they are now. I feel the chance they have, the opportunity they were given was both beautifully described and written, I found being completely drawn into their relationship, it was almost voyeuristic, I felt like a fly on the wall.

They had me hook, line and sinker and by the time they found their path, I was besotted!

Topic: Sweet Summer Love by Sierra Hill

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